The Mellowship You Belong With Me... track list

Grampa Sam


I was nervous when I moved to the country for the first time in my life at the age of 28, but was befriended by the loveliest man I have ever met called Sam. Who taught me gardening, the best way to make tea, a love for the magic of the place to which I have moved and many tales from his long life. He became a grandfather to my son, and we miss him every day.



Oh down in the garden

Oh down

Oh down

Oh down in the garden



The birds are still singing and making their nests

As I sit in the place that you loved the best

I think of the time that we spent right hear

Know in my heart that I hold you dear


Your face broke with joy as held my young son

And that you filled his life with magic and fun

You taught him of fairies that lived by the bridge

And the completeness of helping thing grow and live


You told me of times long gone and past

Of people and places that your memory makes last

Of bombing in London and being sent on a train

And finding the mushrooms in the late summer rain


Your heart cried out for the daughter you lost

And the wife you watched die, life's hardest cost

I hope that right now you are sitting on high

Holding your daughter and wife as I stare at the sky


Your tractor sits quiet, your tools in the shed

Awaiting the sound of your measured tread

We all sit and wait in the place you loved best

Where the birds are still singing and making their nest


Mo Dewdney, singer (lyrics) Jim Causley (tune)

Lukas Drinkwater, guitar, bass

Ciaran Algar, Violin